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The Spectra 1000 uses patented power technology and is specifically designed for simultaneous surface and air disinfection in rapid time. US 8,791,441. All devices are limited by the available power supply in a facility. Example: 20A circuit. The Spectra 1000 airflow cools the UV-C lights which allows them to operate at their highest efficiency to produce optimal UV-C output. This output translates to excellent reductions against multiple surface pathogens including c. difficile at real life distances. In addition, the airflow disinfects the air as it passes across the UV-C lights. Review our library of efficacy data including surface studies and aerosol studies. Review the ability study on the Spectra 1000 performed at Johns Hopkins Medicine. Schedule a demonstration to see the power of the Spectra 1000 using UV-C dosimeter cards. These cards verify that the correct dosage of UV-C light has been delivered to achieve a 3 log10 reduction against c. difficile.
The closer to the UV light source the more effective the reduction in colony forming units. Some competitors test at very short distances of 1, 3 or 4 feet to show better efficacy results. Angles, time and shadowing also heavily affect the delivery of UV light to a target. The Spectra 1000 has been tested against various surface pathogens at distances of 5, 10 and 15 feet. All testing results for the Spectra 1000 are available here.
The Spectra 1000 comes with advanced IoT features including the ability to enter data into the device using the Integrated UVC Solutions online portal. In minutes an administrator can enter multiple buildings, users, room types, etc. into a specific Spectra 1000 or a group of Spectra 1000’. Data is immediately synced in the cloud without the administrator having to be present to manually enter data into the device. The Spectra 1000 does allow manual data entry as well, which also syncs in the cloud. The setup of the Spectra 1000 is designed to be as easy as possible for both administrators and operators.
Claiming a fast treatment time is not enough. What also needs to be known is the log10 reduction in that time and at what distance. Quality assurance mechanisms also need to be in place. The Spectra 1000 provides all log10 reductions, and the distances used for suggested cycle times. In addition, we provide and recommend the use of UV-C dosimeter cards to verify a minimum 3 log10 reduction for c. difficile. These cards can be easily used to audit any room or area at any time.
Our custom built UV-C 254nm bulbs contain very little mercury and can be easily disposed of in a proper recycling receptacle. In addition, all our UV-C bulbs are encapsulated in a protective polymer coating to eliminate shattering and contain any residual mercury in the event of breakage.
No, the lights do not emit any ozone.
Multiple emitter systems do not provide more power as they share the available circuit. This divides the power resulting in less UV-C energy output. That means far longer cycle times and slower room turnovers. Each Spectra 1000 produces full UV-C output. Two Spectra 1000 devices can be used in tandem to treat a room in just 5-10 minutes.
Single placement devices are less effective in minimizing shadows and improving the direct line of sight while they also have very long treatment times. The Spectra 1000 can be operated as a single device and repositioned or it can be used in tandem with another Spectra 1000 for one placement. Either way, the Spectra 1000 is more effective and treats in a fraction of the time.
We offer an affordable direct purchase option or a low-cost subscription option requiring zero upfront capital.