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Efficacy of Integrated UVC Solutions LLC’s Spectra 1000 – Candida Auris Full

Candida auris AR Bank #0381
This fungi grows as a yeast and is ascomycetous. C. auris is an emerging pathogen and the epidemiology for transmission is still under investigation. Infections have most often occured in hospitalized patients and healthcare facilities. This yeast has developed resistance to commonly used antifungal drugs and specialized laboratory methods are needed to accurately identify C. auris infections. Because of the, C.auris infections are increasingly difficult to identify and treat. The results of this independent lab analysis indicates a >99.98% reduction of Candida auris at a 5-foot range within a brief span of just 10 minutes and an astounding 99.898% reduction at a distance of 10 feet in a mere 15 minutes.  View the Complete Study Here.